When you consider what you want your Monroe, NC commercial property to do for your company, a few things come to mind: strong visual impact and low maintenance. Who wouldn’t want something like that? Who wouldn’t desire both of those things at the same time?

Some plants in your business landscape arsenal can help you achieve the desired facility characteristics. Ornamental grasses are among them.

In Monroe, NC, ornamental grasses are well-known for their environmentally beneficial properties, including insect resistance and drought tolerance. In addition, ornamental grasses are beautiful compliments to your commercial environment, adding a variety of textures, types, and heights.

When used correctly, ornamental grasses can dazzle your visitors, tenants, guests, and clients at your industrial, commercial, retail, hospital, or educational establishment as screens, borders, ground covers, and even containers.

Benefits of Ornamental Grass for Your Monroe, NC Commercial Property

While ornamental grasses are known for their beauty, they also have several advantages that you would not expect. Several reasons why landscaping with ornamental grasses for commercial landscapes is appropriate for your Monroe, NC, site if you want a long-lasting, low-maintenance commercial landscape.

Drought Tolerance in Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses in Monroe, NC, can survive for years without stressing your irrigation system or increasing your water costs if you’re attempting to save water. They can withstand the scorching heat of summer and the damaging effects of dry, bitter winter weather and winds.

Pest and Disease Resistance in Ornamental Grasses

In Monroe, NC, ornamental grasses can also withstand pests and diseases, making them valuable commercial assets. These plants are not as susceptible to common landscape pests and conditions, which means they will need less care and maintenance from you. This can also cut down on maintenance time because they don’t require as much fertilizer, insecticides, or special attention. And they still look lovely even if you aren’t paying attention to them.

Invasive Species Control in Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses can also help with invasive species control. For example, if you have a problem with Bermuda grass or Johnson grass on your commercial property, consider using one of the many ornamental kinds of grass that can help you take control of the situation.

Grasses Are Known For Their Hardiness

You’re a busy facility manager with little time to supervise your plants. For this reason, ornamental grasses in Monroe, NC, might be your most excellent buddies. They are available in various sizes, shapes, colors, and textures, ranging from spiky to feathery to mounding to tall. They sway and glitter in the breeze, bringing a touch of elegance to your commercial landscape.

Ornamental Grasses Are Adaptable

On your commercial property in Monroe, NC, ornamental grasses can be used in various ways. They can provide startling volume, year-round color, a durable alternative to texture, and unique character in your environment as curb or border plants. In addition, some ornamental grasses can reach a height of 8 feet, giving natural privacy in the shape of a fence.

Ornamental grasses also work as thrillers in landscaping containers, adding height and movement. Finally, ornamental grasses may grow deep roots and provide color to hard-to-mow areas while stabilizing hillsides and slopes when used as ground covers.

The Top 6 Ornamental Types Of Grass in Monroe, North Carolina

Now that you’ve learned how ornamental grasses in Monroe, NC, may add intrigue and appeal to your commercial property, it’s time to learn about the best ones to plant. We like to utilize these six fantastic and adaptable ornamental grasses in our commercial clients’ landscapes since they are superb performers and have some traits that make them appealing favorites.

Karl Foerster Reed Grass

Karl Foerster is a reed grass with tan seed heads that wave in the breeze above brilliant green plumes, making it one of the greatest decorative grasses for Monroe, NC. This grass is attractive, but it also enjoys sun and shade and is tolerant of high-traffic regions and urban environments. In addition, it’s heat resistant and works well in both hot and cold temperatures.

Maiden Grass

Maiden grass is a versatile vertical accent plant that can be utilized as a hedge or mass planting. The silvery seed heads of this best ornamental grass for Monroe, NC, appear at the grasstops in early October and remain into the winter. Meanwhile, the foliage changes color from green to green-and-white-striped to yellow-striped. Then, in the fall, the stems develop a brilliant scarlet color.

Silvery plumes atop slender, arching foliage grow 5 to 10 feet tall and 2 to 5 feet wide, making them ideal backdrops for other perennials. The sun beaming through the plumes can give your property an extra sparkle.


This tall perennial ornamental grass in Monroe, North Carolina, is adaptive as a ground cover to keep slopes intact, enduring a range of circumstances from wet to dry. It can also grow in full sun or deep shade, an added plus. Liriope also prevents weeds from developing because it grows beautiful and thick.

You can choose from various liriope kinds, including glossy, dark green leaves, lavender flower spikes, variegated glossy green and creamy white spikes, and broad blue, and purple flower spikes.

Fountain Grass Dwarf

This fine-textured ornamental grass gives vibrant green foliage to your commercial landscape that turns gold in the fall. Some kinds are pale beige and become reddish-brown in the fall. It’s a visual treat when blooms develop like small tops of bottle brushes in whites and violets. It also flowers sooner than most other ornamental grasses.

This miniature fountain-like display stands 2- to 3-feet tall and is ideal for smaller landscaping beds or courtyards in sunny, well-drained locations.

Japanese Forest Grass

This bright golden yellow decorative grass grows straight and vigorously, creating beautiful mounds in your commercial environment. Its arching, colorful green leaves are 10 inches long in late summer. They turn a bright orange-bronze or rust color in the fall. They can be used as textural spillers in containers or as garden ornaments.

Plant these 18-inch high and 24-inch broad ornamental grasses in the shade to partial shade gardens for commercial landscapes for gorgeous golden or chartreuse mounds.

Switch Grass

This tall prairie grass is native to North America and occurs in various textures and colors, ranging from green to red to silvery blue. Switchgrass produces airy, pink-tinged flower spikes that stand 1 to 2 feet above the foliage in mid-summer. The grasses continue to dazzle throughout the autumn, attracting songbirds to the scene for their seeds.

For 4- to 6-inch tall and 2- to 4-foot broad ornamental grasses in Monroe, plant switchgrass in full sun. It can be used to fill in gaps in perennial borders, mixed plantings, and native gardens.

Commercial Landscapes Should Use Ornamental Grasses

On your commercial landscape, ornamental grasses can undoubtedly steal the show. Drought-tolerant, low-maintenance, pest-resistant, and fast-growing, offer year-round color and texture. Who wouldn’t want a handful of these on their website?

However, it can be challenging to decide which varieties to add to your Monroe, NC commercial property, where to put them, and how to best employ them. We comprehend. There is a lot to understand and absorb when so many beautiful grass varieties are available in Monroe, NC.

Let Performance Lawn & Landscape assist you. We have extensive experience with many plants, including ornamental grasses on Monroe, NC, business properties. We’d be pleased to bring that expertise to your location for plant installation, maintenance, and care.

We can assist you in selecting gorgeous ornamental grasses, creatively incorporating them into your location, and maintaining a low-maintenance property. Then you’ll have a lot less to worry about as your property continues to provide you with benefits.