Shrub trimming Monroe NC means cutting or removing branches from shrubs to reduce their size and encourage full, strong growth. It can be performed on plants in any stage of development. However, when shrubs are trimmed during the times when they don’t leaf out — usually late fall or winter — it’s called shearing. Shrub trimming should be done in the early spring or late fall when shrubs are not actively growing. It’s best to prune shrubs after they have finished flowering for the season. But don’t hesitate to trim shrubs throughout the year — just avoid cutting when shrubs are at their most active growth phases, in the spring lawn cleanup and summer cleanup time.

Use clean, sharp bypass pruning shears or loppers to do shrub trimming. Remove whole branches when possible, to encourage regrowth from the shrub’s crown. When removing a branch from shrubs with branches growing in different directions, cut just above a bud pointing in the direction from which you want shrubs to regrow. Avoid removing more than one-third of a shrub’s foliage at one time. If shrubs appear weak, remove only every other branch. You can also reduce shrub height and width by trimming shrub branches back to secondary branching on upright shrubs, or pruning shrubs back to the shrub’s first branch on shrubs with multiple trunks, such as azaleas.

When shrub trimming is done correctly, shrubs should be restored to their original shape and size. Avoid shrub over-pruning , which creates an unsightly tangle of pruned branches that are difficult to work with. If you’re not confident in doing shrub trimming Monroe NC, we recommend you reach out to our experts at Performance Lawn and Landscape. We’ve been doing shrub trimming for residential lawn care  and commercial lawn care properties for years. And, our long list of satisfied clients can testify to the quality of service we provide.

Residential Shrub Trimming in Monroe NC

Shrub trimming Monroe NC is essential to keeping them maintained and healthy. It may be helpful to ask a local landscaper about residential shrub trimming to determine the best techniques for your shrubs.

For example, some shrubs are susceptible to fungal diseases that cause them to have spots on their leaves. To avoid this potential problem, shrub pruning should be done in a way so as not to damage the plant’s shrub stem. If shrubs are trimmed too short, they may have a hard time recovering from the damage that can be caused by shrub pruning. Shrub trimming Monroe NC also helps keep shrubs alive and well-shaped. For example, shrub trimming can help remove dead or dying growth so new organic matter can grow in its place. In addition, shrub trimming can keep shrubs from looking lopsided or out of shape while shrubs are growing. It’s also helpful for removing old branches that do not support new growth or branches that are weak and unhealthy.

One reason shrubs need to be pruned is because shrub trimming helps shrubs become more resistant to pests and diseases. When shrubs are trimmed, the leaf surface area is reduced and air can get through shrub branches more easily. This means that shrubs will dry out faster after rains or windstorms, which helps control pests and minimizes disease problems. They also release chemicals that actively defend the shrub against many types of shrub diseases and insect infestations. Residential shrub trimming Monroe NC is one thing we’re expertly doing here at performance Lawn and Landscape. If you need help in keeping your shrubs healthy and looking good, give us a call!

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Commercial Shrub Trimming in Monroe NC

Commercial shrub trimming Monroe NC differs from residential shrub trimming in that commercial shrubs are usually overgrown and require selective pruning. Overgrown shrubs may develop large dead wood, which can be expensive to remove. A shrub’s structure also changes when it is overgrown, so you will want to cut the shrub back to its original structure. The shrub will not return to its original shape or form if you do not remove some of the old wood. If you prune just this year’s growth, the shrub will become even more overgrown next year because it is unbalanced.

If shrub overgrowth on commercial properties is a problem in your area, it’s time to take action. When shrubs and shrubbery grow out of control, they can limit visibility for drivers or restrict the path of pedestrians. In addition to this, overgrown shrubs create an unsafe environment if individuals are inclined to hide behind them. First, you may want to hire a professional landscaper who has experience and knowledge of shrub pruning and shrub culture. Some shrubs respond better than others to heavy pruning. As a general rule, shrubs that flower and shrubbery on commercial properties with wide leaves (such as boxwoods) hold up better to heavy pruning. If you see shrubs that are growing out of control in the flower beds of your commercial property, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We have the necessary equipment and expertise to handle shrub trimming Monroe NC.

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Our shrub trimming service specializes in shrub pruning, shrub maintenance, shrub removal, and shrub design. Shrubs are plants that have woody stems with many flexible branches that typically grow close to the ground. Many shrubs begin to grow new shoots from their roots at the beginning of springtime. Therefore, a shrub trimming service may recommend that you have your shrubs pruned during this time of year to encourage new growth and prevent shrub diseases such as black spot shrub. After the initial shrub pruning, shrubs should be pruned periodically throughout the year to help control their shape and size.

Shrub trimming Monroe NC typically uses a combination of shrub pruning service tools such as hand-held shrub trimmers, shrub shears, shrub saws, etc., to thin out the shrub so it is more aesthetically appealing. Whether your shrubs are diseased, need to be removed, or replaced, you can count on our experts for quality results.

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