Performance Lawn and Landscape provides a broad range of lawn and lawn maintenance services to make your lawn beautiful.


Our lawn maintenance business will surely impress you. We understand that both lawn service and customer satisfaction are important, and we want to be responsible for providing these results for you.

Lawn Maintenance Services

  • Mowing Services
  • Edging
  • Trimming
  • Blowing
  • Leaf Removal

Have our residential and commercial lawn maintenance service team help your lawn become the talk of the neighborhood or your office. We can mow your lawn, remove the leaves in the fall, install hardscapes and sprinkler systems. We are affordable, professional, licensed and insured. We can help your lawn develop over time, survive the climate in every season, and give you and your land the time that it needs. We do everything from edge trimming, mowing, blowing and more. We use the latest lawn care equipment and technology to make sure the job gets done on a continual basis. We are accepting new annual contracts for both homeowners and business owners that need residential and commercial maintenance service.

Landscape & Lawn Maintenance

  • Weed Control

  • Fertilization

  • Core Aeration

  • Seeding

  • Tree & Shrub Pruning

  • Mulch

  • Pine Needles

  • Seasonal Flowers

  • Irrigation Maintenance

Maintaining lawns and landscapes is our specialty. Lawn Maintenance contracts are the type of clients we are looking for. We are not a one and done type lawn care service, because we want to build on something. We like to put effort into our work, and not only see it work, but see it through. We want to make sure when we spend time on a property we increase the value of it, increase the curb appeal, and if it you are looking to sell, our goal is to help it sell for higher than the price listed. We also want to make sure that the use of herbicides are as low as possible so that it is safe for the entire family. We also know and make sure we know the size and frequency of our mowing process for each type of grass, because we care about how people look. We want to make sure that we have every chance for you to get asked, “who takes care of your property?” Call us Today.

Landscape Design

  • Tree & Shrub Installation

  • Planting Area Preparation 

  • Seasonal Flowers

  • Planting Area Border & Edging 

  • Sod Installation

Looking to get new trees, spruce up your shrubs at your home or office? Do you need a new planting area created because a tree was recently removed? Is it spring time and are you needing new flowers? We can do it all. We can edge your borders, planting areas, and even install sod for newly constructed ares. If you are looking for landscaping help, and are in need of a professional service to do it all year round, call Performance Lawn and Landscape today, because our team are the best at what we do, and we do it every day.


  • Arbors

  • Concrete (Stamped) Patios & Walkways

  • Courtyard Walls

  • Fire Pits & Fireplaces

  • Gazebo’s

  • Lighting

  • Outdoor Kitchen Areas

  • Patios & Walkways

  • Retaining Walls / Rock Walls

  • Water Features (ponds, brooks, fountains, etc.)

Does your home or office need a retaining wall? Do you need stamp concrete for a picnic area for your employees? We can make that happen. Our landscape design team can create and custom tailor a specific commercial or residential landscape project just for you. With our experience and our connections we can create a design team to make something really pop. Our lawn maintenance & landscape company offers a free consultation, and we can have something specific for you within a few days. Our turnaround time is quick, and responsive. Call now.

Commercial Lawn Maintenance

  • Building Maintenance 

  • Onsite Representation

  • Sweeping Services

If you are looking for a landscaper, one that can provide a great lawn care service at a great and affordable price, you have found them. Our lawn care team have transformed many lawns, and landscapes both quickly and efficiently. Let us bring life to your lawn and landscaping area. We can perform sod installations, create the commercial outdoor landscape paradise you want for your employees that need to take a break with rest and relaxation.


Tired of not knowing how to keep your lawn up to date with the ever-changing Charlotte weather? Ask our professionals about our lawn care service agreement plans! You will greatly benefit from our dedicated team and affordable prices. We have provided residential and commercial clients with trustworthy lawn care services for over a decade. Performance Lawn & Landscape. Inc. is the source for ultimate lawn care. For the best lawn maintenance services in your neighborhood today, call 704-363-1499 and speak with one of our representatives about your lawn care and landscaping needs.