Located at 121 Lester David Road, Dogwood Park is a 22.5-acre park with paved and unpaved trails, grill, and picnic site. It also has a pond with a fishing pier and separate parks for small and large dogs. Other amenities in this park include an amphitheater, portable restrooms, and a small free library.

On a bright and sunny day, this is the best place to take your dogs and family to enjoy the outdoors. Trails are clean and well-maintained, hence suitable for walking and jogging. The park has ample and enclosed playing space to ensure none of your pets or kids go astray. Ice cold water and bowls are available to cool the tongues of your furry friends.

Your dogs will enjoy playing with an assortment of free toys spread out across the park. Beautiful trees form canopies, which provide excellent shades against the hot summer heat. Here, dogs can socialize freely with other dogs in a safe environment.

They schedule activities throughout the year. During holidays, you can meet up with people. Bring your fishing rod and try to get a catch or bring your treats and enjoy a nice quiet get together around picnic sites. There’s never a dull moment here.

This facility is open to the public seven days a week. You can arrive as early as 6 a.m. and leave at dusk. Aside from the playing space, the park has multiple walkways and different trails. Your dogs will get to explore and exercise as they get exposed to new scenery. The whole area is dog-friendly. They even offer poop bags for your dogs in different locations around the park.

It takes roughly 17 minutes (10.1 miles) to drive from Performance Lawn & Landscape to Dogwood Park at Wesley Chapel via Weddington Rd. and NC-84 W/Monroe-Weddington Rd.

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