Lawns are a big deal to any residential or commercial property owners of Ballantyne NC. These may be only some grasses that grow in yards, but there’s more to it than you could ever know. When you live in a home with a perfect-looking lawn, you not only surround yourself with flawless green grasses. As a typical American, you will find yourself indulging in activities in yards. A place where you can practice your fitness routines, enjoy a great time with your children and grandchildren, or make it a party place for many occasions, especially the summer ones. It’s the part of your property that you can develop into a more healthy environment, helping you boost your health and the well-being of everything around you. Yes, lawns aren’t just grasses. There’s more to it.

The proper lawn care is capable of giving you numerous benefits. It’s like protecting nature and thus giving you the availability to have food on your table. Healthy lawns create a safe place for families. It’s an outdoor space that enables you to extend your home’s living space and connect to nature, allowing you relaxation. Having that well-maintained lawn serves as a natural barrier, serving as the line between the street and your home. For someone who loves to plant, you get fewer erosions when you set up and maintain a pleasing lawn, therefore saving your plants from drowning. It also catches rainfall and avoids mini flooding within your property, keeping you from flooding your basement with rainwater.

These are only some of the benefits why you must have and why you must maintain your lawn in a perfect shape. Lawn care is as simple as protecting your hard-earned investment not to go to waste due to negligence. As a responsible property owner, you should know who to call and assist you when you can’t do it yourself. That’s Performance Lawn & Landscape.

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You can think of landscaping as a special form of indirect marketing. How your company and facility maintains its facade and exterior tells how well you can manage your company. It’s one great example of branding that enables you to showcase ideas and brand information that your logo cannot. These days, people also have a significant attraction to companies with environmental awareness, including a well-maintained ecological surrounding. Commercial establishments with green spaces are attracting more customers to come to visit them. This instance is true for malls that feature an inside-out setting, with fresh open spaces welcoming guests. Outdoor spaces are a trend today, and with enough space, you can set up specific locations where you can place greeneries.

Regardless of your commercial building size, you must consider hiring a professional commercial landscaper to create such freeing spaces for your clients. Lacking a curb appeal does significant damages to your establishment’s image. However, if you have green space on your own but are deficient in the ability to maintain a good-looking landscape, it’s never too late to contact your nearest landscaper. Take note that there are still factors you need to determine to compare the capabilities of various commercial landscapers in your area. Are they boastful, or do they only seem to threaten you with scare tactics for you to hire them? And also don’t forget to consider the equipment they use.

Residential Lawn Care Ballantyne NC

It’s quite common for residential property owners to believe that lawns can grow numb after years of continuous yard services and used to the maintenance, therefore becoming inert. However, this connotation and belief may not be true as lawns only respond to what you put to it. The point of residential lawn care is to maintain a green and healthy lawn, and its goal is to make it appear this way for longer periods of time. And though being a natural existing life form, grasses occur based on their default, regardless of what you put into it. Based on this, it needs proper maintenance to keep on thriving and continue its life. The inconsistency of lawn maintenance only paves the way for the infestation of pests, and diseases may also increase.

There are also lawn maintenance considerations because different kinds of grasses can build one entire residential lawn. For instance, turf grasses are best to grow in well-drained soils filled with nutrients and natural content. However, most lawns are not suitable for turf to thrive. Lawns need extra food as a source of nutrients, water, and best maintenance procedure to make up with the poor soil where they are expected to grow. Also, teaming up with a credible lawn care company can serve you with the right fertilization and mowing services for overall lawn maintenance.

Lawn Mowing & Maintenance

Uncontrolled growth of lawns can make your yards look like a suburban jungle. Living in a residential area might only give you fines for not following Home Owner’s Association rules and regulations when it comes to lawn negligence. And commercial establishments with overgrown lawns, on the other hand, may not be the best exterior set up to impress your business partners and clients. Lawn mowing may seem to be cosmetic maintenance for residential and commercial properties, but the case is not always like that. This service offered by lawn care companies such as ours, Performance Lawn & Landscape, offers great relief for an effective and efficient lawn care service. With our upgraded technology in lawn mowing, maintenance has become an easier task for us. And for our clients who have gone a hard time with lawn maintenance, our passion and expertise in this field only aim to help them achieve their desired lawn goals.

Leaf Removal, Aeration & More!

Have you ever wondered why some parts of your lawn are not doing well even when you water and feed them with the right nutrients? The answer lies in the stagnant effect caused by hardened soil, blocking water and nutrients from entering the root system of your grass. Should this be your problem, we got your back with our advanced aeration procedures. This service comes along with other services such as leaf removal and more. It is always a good idea to have your ant mounds from your pest control company removed in order to get green grass all around and get the most effective aeration possible.

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