landscaping contractors near meWhen taking care of your lawn, there are lots of things to consider. It’s not just a simple matter of getting a lawnmower, and the job is done; considering what you want your lawn to look like and even being something that would even be serviceable. Remember, that a properly maintained lawn reflects greatly in its owner. Lawn mowing and landscape maintenance are not the easiest thing that you can do when all you wanted to do on your weekends is to watch YouTube the entire day, Lawns are notoriously difficult to maintain, and it becomes more of a hit-or-miss business when it comes to properly maintaining it.

You wouldn’t want your lawn to look like like it had been negleteced for months, and you also don’t want it to look incredibly uniform from your neighbor. You would eventually need to stand out from the rest in a good way. Though you wouldn’t want to stand out with your lawn to be unkempt, looing like something that the Kardashians would have isn’t great either. So, with that in mind, what would you do?

Why, call a professional lawn care service, of course! We are sure to take care of your lawn in a way that it has never seen before. We do so much more than lawn mowing and lawn maintenance. We also do leaf removal for both residential areas and commercial buildings. Still don’t trust us? We here at Performance Lawn & Landscape are sure to bring you the satisfaction that you need when it comes to your lawn needs. We’re one of the most trusted lawn care services in North Carolina, and we want to help you take care of your lawn needs.

Lawn Care Unionville NC | Commercial Landscaper 

Commercial landscaping isn’t a particularly new thing; as long as there are commercial establishments, commercial landscaping will always be around. Though, that’s not to say that it’s an easy job for owners. There’s always the fear of being entangled in a mess of working with real estate leasing agencies with their incredibly high cost. When you wouldn’t want to handle that, then we’re the correct people for the job!

Here at Performance Lawn Care always ensure to deliver quality commercial landscaping. Though commercial landscaping can be difficult to take care of, there’s no fear of dealing with real estate leasing agencies. We offer services that they wouldn’t normally cover, and we’re more than delighted to do that. Unionville has now seen a rise in commercial estates, which means you’d need our services now more than ever. Don’t fear, though, as we offer more than just commercial landscaping. We also provide basic commercial lawn care and landscaping services for our clients. Our Onsite Representation allows the tenant to contact us when they encounter any problem, and it would provide one of our Representatives to show the property to a potential tenant. We offer that and so much more here at Performance Lawn Care! Contact us now to get a quote.

Residential Lawn Care Unionville NC

If the curtains are the eyelashes of the room, then the lawn is the face of a residential area. A well-maintained lawn can be considered as the beautiful spot of a home. Remember, a beautiful house will be for naught when the lawn is unkempt and isn’t well-maintained. However, a lawn is more than just a lawn; it can be considered an investment in the near future as well. Always remember that potential buyers would see your lawn first and foremost, so keeping it at tip-top shape would always pay dividends in the near future.

You don’t want your lawn to look like the abandoned Pontiac Stadium; unkempt and abandoned. With that in mind, though, you couldn’t possibly do your own lawn care alone. If you want to stand out from the rest, you’d want to get a professional lawn care service to tend to your lawn needs.

Unionville’s suburban residential area is pretty much littered with miles and miles of similar-looking lawns. Some are well-maintained, some are not. Although, that does not mean that you should be the same as the rest. We at Performance Lawn Care are sure to tend to your lawn and so much more! We offer quality residential lawn care to all of our clients, and we’re sure to give everyone a more than satisfactory experience in the process. Check out our services now! You can get a quote from our website, as well.

Lawn Mowing and Maintenance

Yes, you can easily pay your neighbor’s kid to mow your lawn for you when it grows a bit too long for your taste. The problem with that is not the fact that you’re paying a child to do your work for you. But, as the one mowing your lawn is a child, it’s almost inevitable that they wouldn’t do a very consistent job at it.

With that in mind, you should get a professional when you want your lawn to be maintained appropriately. Lawn mowing and maintenance isn’t a particularly difficult thing to do, but that doesn’t mean that anybody should do it. We offer lawn mowing and maintenance here at Performance Lawn & Landscape. Contact us now to get a quote!

Leaf Removal, Aeration, and More!

When the time comes that the leaves on your front lawn have piled up, don’t hesitate to contact us! We know that not everyone has the time actually to take care of their lawn. And, we here at the Performance Lawn Care offer Leaf Removal, Aeration, and so much more!

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As time goes on, you would obviously need to get a service for taking care of your lawn. And, we here at Performance Lawn & Landscape offers that and so much more for you! We pride ourselves as the top lawn care service in Unionville North Carolina, and we would be delighted to help you!