Treehouse Vineyards is a privately-owned vineyard and winery that opened its doors to the public in 2005. It sits on an old family farm within easy reach from the small town of Monroe, North Carolina. This place derives its name from the many treehouses that this family built all over their large property. What makes this property so stunning at first sight is the big treehouse. Thirty feet off the ground, it has a deck overlooking at all the vineyards. The Treehouse Vineyards has three treehouses.

Close by is a winery, which produces excellent wines like Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Dry White Blend, and many others sold all over the state. They use locally grown grapes – the muscadines, which are native only to this area. If you want to enjoy some wine tasting or look around the place, it will take you about an hour to do so.

You can enjoy a great selection of wines, and you can even buy an extra bottle if you’d like to bring it home with you. If you are not a fan of wines, you can order non-alcoholic juices and ciders. The employees at the property are friendly and knowledgeable with regards to the wines and the history of the winery.

Aside from the winery, Treehouse Vineyards has other beautiful amenities and details, including treehouses, which are available to rent, ponds, and even some farm animals that graze around the place.

Treehouse Vineyards is open seven days a week for a whole year. Winery tours are available all day. Feel free to visit this place with a group of friends and have a party. You will enjoy the sights and excellent local wine in their cellars. Tables are available for rent during live music nights.

To get to Treehouse Vineyards from Performance Lawn & Landscape, you need to drive along N. Hayne Street for 1.2 miles and then take a turn on Bay Street.

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