You realize your favorite yard is overgrown, and the trees are out of control when you glance outside, but you lack time to make it seem better. So you give a landscaper a call, correct? Maybe not so quickly, then. Lawn maintenance and landscaping are the specialties of several businesses. Understanding the differences between the two methods these companies use to enhance your outside space is crucial.


A landscaping company can change the appearance and feel of your lawn and garden through planning, design, and construction, whereas a lawn care company will clean up and maintain them.


Let’s go over the distinctions between landscaping and lawn care so you can choose the proper services for your house.


Lawn care: What is it?

Maintaining an established lawn and garden requires frequent maintenance to keep the grass and plants trimmed. Therefore, most lawn care companies focus on routine maintenance tasks to keep your lawn and garden looking their best. Among them are products and services like:



Pest and disease control


Leaf removal

Pruning shrubs and trees


Lawn care companies may also offer other services, including irrigation system installation and repair, core aeration, topdressing, power raking, and Overseeding.


When you first hire a lawn care company, they will typically visit, determine what services your lawn and garden need, and provide you with a cost estimate. After that, the price will change depending on what needs to be done and how often you want them to do it.


Lawn mowing machines, edge trimmers or brush cutters, and branch clippers are just a few of the tools and equipment that lawn care firms will carry with them. In addition, they will let you know if they need to use any of your devices, such as a garden hose or irrigation system, for watering. Depending on what they must perform, they may take a while to finish the work. However, most businesses are swift and effective, giving you time to enjoy your lovely and organized yard.


Landscaping: What is it?

Compared to maintaining, lawn care and landscaping is very different. This service’s scope goes beyond merely maintaining your grass or lawn; instead, landscapers deal with the entire makeover of outside space. As a result, landscaping requires a more considerable investment and takes much longer to complete than maintaining or caring for your property.


Planting and design-related landscaping tasks are among the most often carried out services. For instance, you can change how your yard is laid out by adding a hardscape or softscape, planting flowers, bushes, and trees, or even coming up with a new concept and moving things around. In addition, the building and installation of outdoor elements like pavers, patios, walkways, and decks can also be included in landscaping services, which often surprises homeowners.


Which Service Suits Your Space Best?

There isn’t a simple answer to which of these two is better for your real estate objectives. Instead, you must evaluate your property and goals to determine which is best for you. A lawn care service might be the ideal choice for you, for instance, if you are a business owner who wants to ensure that the lawn surrounding your office building is well kept to assist your firm in maintaining a decent look.


On the other hand, if you love to have friends for a weekend barbecue once or twice a month and enjoy entertaining, you might want to consider how our landscape services can improve your house.


When to Hire a Landscaping Company

Sometimes, a landscaping service is preferable to a lawn care provider. If your outdoor space is undeveloped and you want it to appear lush and appealing, or if it is already established, but you want the site to be changed in some way, for example. A plain or unappealing location can be transformed by landscaping into a place you want to spend time in, thus increasing the value of your home.


As with any contractors they hire to assist with your work, they will use their tools. They may bring anything they deem required to finish the job, including excavators, jackhammers, and other tools and equipment, to your property. Employing a landscaper will typically cost more money than using a lawn care service. Before beginning the task, always request a precise price from your landscaper. The amount of work necessary will determine how long a landscaper will take to finish your outdoor space.


However, structural improvements are frequently part of the requirement, so it will typically take much longer than tasks that call for a lawn care firm. Ask them to include a time estimate when they give you a price estimate.


Experts in managing landscaping projects from design to execution are landscaping services. They specialize in modifying the structural elements of outdoor areas to improve their appearance and feel. You can get assistance from landscaping businesses in the following areas.


Design and Planning

Professional landscapers are qualified and skilled to evaluate your outside space and offer workable design suggestions that meet your needs. They collaborate with you to plan the project and design your outdoor area.


Terrain Changes

Landscape designers will manipulate the terrain (or land) to achieve a specific outcome. For instance, they will dig into the ground to create a flat place if your yard slopes and you need an outdoor party area with a pergola and plants.



The selection of the appropriate plants for a location involves both art and science. Landscape designers have the expertise and experience to choose the best plants for your requirements and budget while considering your ability to maintain them. Additionally, they’ll pick plants that blend in well with your outside space and thrive in your region.



Landscape designers and builders frequently create outside constructions, including patios, pergolas, fencing, pools, spas, garden sheds, and barbecue pits. They might consider furnishings, color preferences, and lighting needs when designing and building.


A Conclusion

You may improve your yard and achieve the look you want by selecting exemplary professional service by being aware of the differences between landscaping and lawn care businesses. Once you know the service you require, conduct your research and pick a specialist with a positive reputation and reviews.


One of the best things you can do to improve the landscape around your house and still have time for other hobbies is to hire a landscaping firm to handle all the work for you. At Performance Lawn & Landscape, maintaining client satisfaction is our primary goal. To add to the elegance of your entire outdoor space, we can help you create a lawn from scratch and expose you to various fascinating concepts and layouts.