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Our irrigation system is very vital in keeping a healthy and attractive lawn. The water in our irrigation line will assure us of an everyday watered lawn. But, just like other properties and machinery in your house, the irrigation system also needs repair and maintenance. When everything gets out of hand, seek the help of the experts. In that way, we can ensure a safe and functional irrigation system for the coming 15-20 years. The question left is, when should we call for irrigation repair?

Here are some signs you need to call for irrigation repair.

Soaked Lawn or Dry Patches

Our lawn can get very healthy if it is watered regularly. But when you notice the wet area and dry-yellow patches around your lawn, the possibility of leaks in your irrigation system is higher. The leaks can create unbalanced water distribution and result in an uneven scheme where some are soaked in water while others are dried due to loss of water. When this happens, seek the help of the professionals at Performance Lawn & Landscape and let our service technicians assess the kind of irrigation repair needed by your irrigation system.

Defective Sprinkler Heads

The sprinklers are the ones who do the watering job for our lawns. If the head of your sprinklers is sputtering or spraying in different areas, that can be caused by pressure or valve problems. There is undoubtedly a need for irrigation repair, especially when the sprinkler heads have already been cracked or chipped. Can’t you just replace them directly? The sprinkler valves have actual sizes that may be difficult for homeowners to identify. Let the professionals identify the type of sprinklers you have and replace the valves. 

 Pressure Problems

When your sprinklers are spraying too much water or no water at all, there is a possibility of pressure problems rooting from the pipeline of your irrigation system. Since irrigation pipelines are placed underground, they can get around tree roots or posts. This will undoubtedly hinder the system’s ability to provide proper and enough pressure. If the system is giving too much or too little pressure, call the assistance of our expert team the soonest as possible to avoid further problems

Dripping Control Valves

The control valves in our lawn are designed to allow a certain amount of water around the area. If the valves are not dripping or leaking, check the filters or the pressure regulator if there are arising issues in the system. The dirt and grass going to the equipment causes leakages and damages the system. If this happens, call the help of your lawn maintenance company to provide irrigation repair.

Higher Water Bills

Some of us won’t notice right away that there is a problem with our irrigation system if we do not know the cost of our water bills. Higher water bills can indicate issues in our irrigation system that we don’t directly see. Water leaks underground or broken regulators for pressure control are possible causes of high water bills. When this happens, call the assistance of your local lawn maintenance company immediately. Let them assess where the problem lies and what necessary things you should do, whether there is a need for repair or replacement. Either way, letting them know what to fix will surely solve the problem. Homeowners commonly seek the help of their local lawn maintenance company when they face higher water costs. For practical reasons, get your irrigation system its regular inspection so you can avoid major irrigation problems that can arise from irregular monitoring. 

You might not recognize it sooner, but when faced with irrigation problems, seek the help of the best   here at Performance Lawn & Landscape. Maintain the beauty of your open spaces through our various lawn and landscape services. Give us a call, and let us work on achieving your dream lawn space for your beautiful home. Call us today!